Special Cabinet Coolers

High Temperature, Non-Hazardous Purge, 316 Stainless, Side Mounted

High Temperature Cabinet Coolers for ambients up to 200F (93C). Internal components can withstand high temperatures (like those near furnaces, ovens, etc.). High Temperature Cabinet Coolers for ambients of 125 to 200F (52 to 93C) are available.

Non-Hazardous Purge Cabinet Cooler Systems are ideal for dirty areas where contaminants might normally pass through small holes or conduits. Under normal conditions the NHP Cabinet Cooler System provides a slight positive pressure in the enclosure by passing 1 SCFM (28 SLPM) of air through the cooler. When the thermostat detects high temperature, it energizes the solenoid valve to pass full line pressure to the Cabinet Cooler, giving it full cooling capability. The continuous purge of the NHP Cabinet Cooler System keeps dirt, heat and moisture out of the enclosure.

316SS Cabinet Coolers use Type 316 stainless steel which is more resistant to corrosive conditions than other stainless steels. Type 316 Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Cabinet Coolers, (shown right) suitable for food service, pharmaceutical, harsh and corrosive environments, and other applications where 316SS is preferred. Capacities from 650 to 5600 Btu/hr. (164 to 706 Kcal/hr.) are available.

Side Mounted Cabinet CoolerSide Mounted Cabinet Coolers offers convenient mounting to the side of an electrical enclosure when there isn't enought clearance on the top.

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