Cabinet Cooler® Kits and Accessories

Cabinet Cooler® Systems

Continuous Operation Cabinet Cooler Systems include a Cabinet Cooler, cold air distribution kit and a 5 micron automatic drain water and dirt filter. This filter is critical for protection of electronics from water in the compressed air line. If oil is present in the compressed air supply, the addition of a coalescing (oil removal) filter, such as EXAlR Model 9005, is recommended.

Thermostat Control Systems include a Cabinet Cooler, thermostat, solenoid valve, cold air distribution kit and filter. The solenoid valve and thermostat limit the flow of compressed air to only when cooling is needed. The solenoid valve is rated 120V, 60 Hz or 110V, 50 Hz. It is UL Listed, CSA Certified.

Cold Air Distribution Kit includes a length of flexible vinyl tubing used to direct the cold air for circulation, or to hot spots. Tubing connectors and adhesive backed clips to hold the tubing in place are provided.

EXAIR’s ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) delivers precise temperature control for your enclosure. Temperature is maintained with an accuracy of ±1°F of the dial setting. The digital readout monitors the internal temperature of the electrical enclosure and activates the solenoid valve (included) only when the temperature setting is exceeded. The ABS/PC plastic enclosure of the ETC is suitable for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X environments.

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